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With extensive experience as an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Gross is an expert in trial technique and the rules of evidence. Of the thousands of cases that he has defended, his aggressive courtroom style has led to many favorable outcomes. He has an esteemed reputation among colleagues and former clients, with awards from Avvo and the Mayor of New York!

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Criminal Defense Long IslandWhether you are facing first-time charges or have been arrested while on probation for another crime, any type of run-in with the law can be an overwhelming experience.

Your situation can feel even more frightening if you are unaware of your rights, uninformed of your options, or unsure of who you can turn to during such a difficult time in your life. As a skilled Long Island criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Scott Gross can protect your rights and freedoms.

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Long Island Criminal Defense The process of finding an excellent attorney to defend you can seem overwhelming, but fortunately, you have come to the right place! The Law Offices of Scott Gross, P.C. has experience handling all types of criminal defense cases. We have earned the Clients' Choice Award in Criminal Defense by Avvo, Inc. and are confident in our ability to help you.

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How a Former Prosecutor Can
Strengthen Your Defense Strategy

Criminal Defense Long IslandOne of the main benefits of retaining our firm is that Attorney Scott Gross is a former prosecutor. As such, he has valuable insight into the prosecutor's possible thoughts, strategies, and actions. His personal experience of the prosecution process allows him to anticipate the opposing counsel's moves so he can prepare your case accordingly. Our firm takes pride in building strong attorney-client relationships and will get to know you and your goals personally.

Our unique experience sets our firm apart from the competition. This means we can effectively represent you in a criminal case from the moment you are accused — possibly preventing charges from being filed in the first place — or we can represent you in court after you've been formally charged.

Attorney Scott Gross knows your rights. He knows your options. Most importantly, he can be turned to when your future is at stake.

Criminal charges can damage more than just your criminal record. When you are arrested on charges of a crime, your reputation and future career can suffer, regardless of whether or not you are actually convicted of the crime. Anyone who has been charged with a crime of any kind should act quickly and speak with the Law Offices of Scott Gross, P.C. We can help safeguard your freedoms no matter your charges.

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Long Island Criminal DefenseOne of our strongest areas of practice is in DWI defense. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), your driving record will be affected as well as your criminal record. Our attorney can fight your charges by investigating the circumstances surrounding your arrest, such as an unlawful police stop, police misconduct during the DWI investigation, or both!

Our firm also handles:

In addition to DWI cases, our firm can also provide defense against any traffic-related charges. Perhaps you have been accused of a violent crime, such as domestic violence, assault, manslaughter, or murder. No matter how severe your charges may be, we can uncover valuable evidence and build a strong case for your defense. It will be imperative to your case to seek immediate legal representation.

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Criminal charges could easily result in a felony conviction and a prison sentence, making it necessary to retain an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney on Long Island. The Law Offices of Scott Gross, P.C. understands the laws and penalties for all types of criminal offenses and knows how to present a strong argument in your defense. Speak with our criminal lawyer as soon as possible to learn exactly what we can do to fight your charges.

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