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Those who are charged with credit card fraud may be accused of stealing another's credit card information and running up the card's limit on unauthorized charges. Credit card fraud has become even more sophisticated as the internet shopping market expands, as fraud occurs much more frequently online now.

The federal government has been cracking down more and more on crimes related to finances, especially on credit cards. These consequences can be quite severe, which is why you need to retain a Long Island white collar crime attorney if you are facing such charges.

What constitutes credit card fraud charges?

With the growth of the internet, online information, and other factors, the definition of credit card fraud is expanding. For example, when you think of ATM theft, you might think of a robber who approaches a person using an ATM to steal their card. With recent technological developments, a person can steal another's credit card information without even being present, known as ATM skimming. A thief has wired the machine to steal or "skim" the credit or debit card information and uploads the information to a database through a wireless internet connection.

Essentially, credit card fraud can be defined as the deliberate use of the card to pay for or otherwise illegally obtain items. The prosecution has the burden of proving the act was done intentionally for fraudulent purposes.

A person can be accused of committing for:

  • Using another person's credit card
  • Using a credit that has been revoked or canceled for purchase
  • Identity theft
  • ATM theft
  • Forging or writing a bad check
  • Providing false information to obtain a credit or loan

Depending on the details of your particular charge, you could face time in prison and hefty fines. Obtaining an experienced Long Island white collar crime lawyer can be effective in getting your charges lessened or even dropped.

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