State & Federal Counterfeiting Laws

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Counterfeiting is a crime that affects many businesses across states and nations. As such, in addition to existing New York state penalties, this crime is also strictly prosecuted by the federal government.

Money is not the only type of currency that is subject to counterfeiting laws. Other types of illegal counterfeiting prohibited under federal law include:

  • Federal court documents
  • Postage stamps and meters from the United States Postal Service
  • Documents designed to deceive and defraud the federal government, including but not limited to bonds, proposals, public records, contracts, bids, and affidavits
  • Federal agency seals
  • Documents from credit unions, lending agencies, land banks, the FDIC, and other lending agencies

Traditionally, counterfeiting refers to replicating currency and other documents. It can also mean replicating physical products such as trademarked clothing, designer purses, jewelry, credit cards, and computer software.

This crime is heavily penalized and carries serious consequences, including long prison sentences and extremely steep fines. Protecting your future after a counterfeiting charge is important, and the smartest way to do so is to obtain the counsel and representation of a skilled and knowledgeable Long Island criminal defense attorney who has experience defending individuals accused of white collar crimes. We can provide powerful yet affordable services to help you deliver the strongest defense possible.

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